v5.5.0 — Buy Bitcoin without KYC, Cobo Vault support

Our last update was in May, and ho boy! We have been busy. On the latest versions a lot of improvements were introduced, most notable the option to Buy Bitcoin from the Local Trader, a p2p marketplace. And, Cobo Vault support, with QR codes, air-gapped PSBTs, one of the first of its kind. Let’s take a closer look on the latest developments and updates. There’s a lot to tell :)

Cobo Vault support with QR codes PSBTs

Introduced on the version 5.4.4, PSBTs (partially signed bitcoin transactions) with QR codes, this is the first implementation of BCR-UR (animated QR codes) between software & hardware wallets.

A nice contribution and collaboration with the Cobo Vault team. Thank you!

Buy Bitcoin on Local Trader

v5.4.3 features the ability to buy on the “Local Trader”. A p2p marketplace where you control your funds. You can now login (w/@hodlhodl), view offers, view contracts and accept offers. More info on the Local Trader

Input local currency

We struggle to add this feature, but the requests won’t stop coming, and it is understandable. I hope this will help more than it will cause any problems related to exchange rates, price volatility, etc.
We are going to keep a look on its evolution closely.

Camera/Scan on the main screen

There’s now a fast access button from the main screen to access the camera directly. This can be use for different purposes, like, to scan a QR code, to make a payment, to receive a payment, to withdraw a Azte.co voucher, etc.

Entropy via coins and dice roll

version 5.4.4 also introduces a new advanced feature for the more advanced users out there that don’t want to trust BlueWallet entropy generation. Entropy for wallet generation with Coins and Dices. Have fun! :)

Support for Electrum wallet seeds

You can now easily import your Electrum generated wallets to BlueWallet with ease.

These are the notable changes, a lot more fixes and improvements were made under the hood. The summer is here, and we are not stopping, more goodies to come, more innovations to be released. Follow us on twitter to keep an eye on it.

We are a small team of Bitcoin users trying to help on how to bring Bitcoin to the people and the people to Bitcoin, through beautifully crafted open source software. How can you help?

  • Are you a developer? Here is the place.
  • Not a developer. Give us a review on the app stores, that helps immensely. Join our beta access and help us test and bug fix. Provide feedback.
  • Are you a Bitcoin OG investor and you believe in what we are building? Drop me a line (n@bluewallet.io).

Thank you for reading and any feedback, comments, thoughts and violent reactions, I’m all yours. See you around!

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