Lightning wallets

with zero configuration

On Bluewallet, you can use custodial Lightning wallets (or choose to run your own node), that allows you to seamlessly use the Lightning Network for payments, without the need to open channels, be online, provide liquidity or operate and mantain a node. Our goal is to remove friction and provide a great user experience. This trade off comes with pros and cons, please read more about them on the LNDhub announcement article.


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Allows you top up or refill your Lightning wallet with Bitcoin. It requires an on-chain Bitcoin wallet to use it. It needs 3 confirmations to validate the transaction.

Withdrawcoming soon

Allows you get your funds back to a Bitcoin on-chain wallet. At the moment Bluewallet redirects you to while the feature is not ready.


Make payments or send Satoshis after scanning a QR code or having an address. Allows to Scan QR codes, Use screenshots of QR codes or a Lightning addresses. To use requires having funds previously.


Recieve payments by generating an invoice. Generates a QR code and an address with expiration time that can be easily shared. Allows to open a direct channel with the node.

Backup/export Keyavailable

Through the wallet options menu you will find the option to backup/export your key. This is a LNDhub key that will only work on services like bluewallet that use LNDhub.

How to start

Have an on-chain Bitcoin wallet

If you want to refill your wallet with some Satoshis, you need first to have an on-chain Bitcoin wallet with funds

Create a Lightning Wallet

Once you have created your Lightning Wallet, you will find the option "manage funds" inside your wallet. This is where you can refill your Lightning Wallet


Send an on-chain Transaction

Once you go to the refill option, you will find a list of your available on-chain Wallets. Select your prefered one and send a transaction with the desired amount. Keep the amount low, Lightning is experimental.

Start using Lightning

Once you send your transaction, it will require 3 comfirmations before your funds appear on your Lightning wallet. Once it is done, you are welcome to the Lighting experience.


Powered by

LNDhub is the opensource technology powering Bluewallet’s Lightning wallets. It uses LND as its core and provides user accounts and an accounting system to allow a seemless user experience.

With LNDhub you can run your own Lightning node and bank system. Create Accounts to your family or friends, protecting them with your own node and let them be onboard to the Lightning revolution.

LNDhub allows you to create an Opensource Bank. Think about that for a second.

Crafted for iOS and android
by Bitcoin users

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