The BlueWallet project born out of the ashes of the 2017 bull-run. With the frustration of not finding a wallet for our Bitcoin needs. Where we could have a Bitcoin only wallet and full control of the transactions. At the time, there wasn't a single Bitcoin wallet available for iOS that was bitcoin-only, supported Segwit and where we could have fee control. So we decided to build it.

Our commitment is to build the best Bitcoin wallet we can. With strong focus on open source fundations, self-sovereign principles, decentralization and the Cypherpunk's Manifesto. We will iterate slowly, we will not build it in one day, but we will get there.

Who are we

We are a collective of developers and designers focused on bringing tools to self-sovereignity, personal property, security and privacy.

Reach out, we will appreciate your feedback.

Contact us

  • bluewallet@bluewallet.io
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BlueWallet was forged in the ashes of the 2017 fork wars, in order to bring
 a powerful and Bitcoin only wallet for the community.