A Lightning Hub

A free and open source, multiple account plugin for Lightning built on top of the Lightning Network Deamon. It allows that a group of users run different accounts with only one node in a trust-minimized setup.

Ideal for hosted shared services or groups, families and friends that want to share their own node.

How does it work

lightning network

The user sends a transaction to a dedicated top-up address, and this balance is added to his account on LNDhub. Then, the user can use this balance to pay Lightning invoices. But under the hood, it’s actually LNDhub who pays the invoice, deducting user’s account balance. It works the same way when the user wants to receive a Lightning payment - it’s LNDhub who creates the Lightning invoice and actually receives coins on one of it’s channels.

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Where can I test it?

Live on Blue wallet, a bitcoin wallet for iOS and android. LNDhub implementation on Blue wallet takes full advantage of this new payments network.

Enabling Blue wallet users to have unfairly cheap and blazing fast Bitcoin transactions.

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LndHUB introduction

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