Recover lndhub account

With the sunset of it is not possible to use the service anymore. However you can request to recover your balance.

You will need two items to be able to recover, your account information and a bitcoin onchain address. See the details below.

1- Where to get your account information

Inside your lightning wallet you are going to find on the top right the options menu. Usually with the 3 dots icon (…). After you tap the menu you will be taken to the wallet options screen, where you will find the “backup/export” option. This is your account information and starts with lndhub://

2- Bitcoin address

You will also need to provide a bitcoin address in order to receive your transaction. Transactions will be processed every few days, so if you don’t receive it right away, wait till a new batch of transactions is done.

Recover form here

Thank you, we appreciate your collaboration.

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