Create a Lightning wallet

Creating a Lightning wallet on BlueWallet is easy.

You can either click on the “Add now” button or the “+” icon in the top right corner

BlueWallet's first page

That will take you to the “add wallet” screen.

Adding a new wallet

In the “add wallet” screen, you can choose between a Bitcoin wallet and a Lightning wallet.

Add Lightning wallet

For Lightning, click on the Lightning button. (If you want to create a Bitcoin wallet, see this guide.)

You may also name your wallet, or leave the default name.

Advanced options

If you have “Advanced mode” enabled in general settings, you’ll see one more option for creating the wallet.

Add Lightning wallet with advanced options

Connecting to your own LNDHub

Lightning functionality in BlueWallet is powered by LNDHub, an open source service that we created for this purpose. We host our own instance of this service and BlueWallet connects to it by default. However, for more privacy you can host your own instance and connect to it.

To do that, you can add the address of your lndhub instance in the specified text field.

When you’re ready, you can click on “Create” to make your new wallet.

Import a wallet
Backup/export a wallet