v5.3.5 — SendMax on all wallets

Version 5.3.5 of BlueWallet Bitcoin wallet is out on iOS and android. And, as usual is full of improvements and bug fixes. Let’s take a closer look on them.

This version includes a major refactor on all wallet types. With PSBT, Send and SendMax features added to all wallets. Includes Bread wallet type, allowing easy import to BlueWallet.


Users can now Sell FIAT and easily Buy Bitcoin directly in the wallet, through @MoonPayHQ in the US and EU. And @XanpoolOfficial in Southeast Asia.

Broadcast a transaction feature is now available from the Settings > Network > Broadcast. Or from your Wallet details.


The Local Trader, a p2p marketplace, is now available from the main screen, making it easier to find it and to access it :)




  • Import BIP38 (key+passphrase)
  • Support for Electrum Seed format, legacy BIP32
  • Send functionality for all wallet types (includes Bread wallets)
  • All wallet types can now “send MAX”
  • Allow to Sell Fiat through Moonpay and Xanpool
  • Refill lightning wallet with bank card
  • Local Trader moved to the Main screen
  • Broadcast transaction screen


  • Hide toolbar when keyboard is dismissed
  • Keyboard avoiding on small screens
  • Import on Toolbar touch
  • Move the sell fiat button to the list header
  • Cleaner Add wallet panel at empty state
  • iOS widget not working on some countries
  • Negative confirmation num for electrum personal server

If you like what we are doing, please consider leaving us a review on the app stores. It helps immensely our work and it takes less than 10s to do :)

iOS: http://apple.co/2QwnLzw 
android: http://bit.ly/2XjBEnm

Backup your keys. Keep Building! 💙 👊

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