Multisig Vault

The most secure Bitcoin technology. Multisig is like a vault, where multiple keys are needed to spend Bitcoin.
Recommended for cold storage and large amounts.

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Easy Creation

Total flexibility to choose the number of keys and address types.

Powerful Import

Easily import or recover any setup. Compatible with most wallets.

Backup Keys

Safely backup your signing keys simultaneously with all pubkeys.

Backup Watch-only

Easily backup and spread your coordination setup (pubkeys) for better protection.

Air Gapped

Support for PSBTs and QR codes for maximum security.

Edit Setup 🔥

Easily change your setup to allow key rotation or fast signing for emergency situations.

The only thing between having a bitcoin and losing a bitcoin is one mistake. Multisig provides you with additional protection making it exceptionally challenging to "overcome".

Why use a Vault

Provides better protection or safety on...

Phishing attacks

On and Offline Thievery

Malware infection

Supply chain attacks

Key loss

Device loss

Device malfunction

Multisig Demo

In this demo of the Multisig Vaults you can see 2 BlueWallet apps signing transactions offline and airgapped.

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Cold storage
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