Bluewallet 4.2.0

4.2.0 is out for iOS and android. With a massive update! 🤯


  • Plug your full node (Electrum/BIP84) 😎
  • Bump sent Tx (RBF/BIP84) 🤓
  • Cancel sent Tx (RBF/BIP84) 😮
  • Bump received Tx (CPFP/BIP84) 🤠
  • Hungarian translation and HUF currency 🇭🇺



  • Receive address offline
  • Wait for connection before fetching or broadcast
  • iOS App crashes when scaning QR Code
  • Amount when scanning was not displayed
  • Lightning transaction details
  • Import wallet with custom lndhub
  • Swedish translation updates

Keep your apps updated! Thank you 🙏

Bitcoin Wallet — Bluewallet

v4.0.2 is out on android and iOS

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Bluewallet v.4.4.1  — Bitcoin wallet

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BlueWallet was forged in the ashes of the 2017 fork wars, in order to bring
 a powerful and Bitcoin only wallet for the community.